Does this guide apply to me?

This guide is for remote users whose employing state agency receives services from the State of Alabama Office of Information Technology (OIT). State employees in other agencies not utilizing OIT services may still find this information useful, but it might not be specific to their IT configurations.

What policies (such as acceptable use) apply to me while I am working remotely?

If you are connecting to the state network via a virtual private network (VPN), you are on an extension of the state’s private network and all User Rules of Behavior apply (Standard 660S1).

Security monitoring of your activity is possible just as if you were in your regular office environment. Additionally, when you connect to the state network through a VPN, your host computer will be checked to ensure the operating system is up-to-date and the computer is running a current anti-virus application. Even if you are not using a VPN connection to perform your work, the same rules of behavior apply while you are working on state time. Because you are still accessing state resources, the expectation remains in place for professionalism and a commitment to the privacy and security of the citizens we serve.