OIT services are organized into ten (10) main categories, with multiple processes and products available within each individual service category.

For a list of all of the services offered by OIT, please view our 2022 Service Catalog.


OIT’s access services provide connectivity and access to essential state resources such as the state network, email, internet, VoIP, and much more; all in a secure and controlled environment.

Business Process Automation

Our business process automation services are available to help agencies streamline methodologies, analyze and improve processes to meet metrics, and integrate workflows.


A broad and complete set of communication tools are offered by OIT to efficiently and dependably connect users with one another and their customers.

Core Computing

Whether you are in need of datacenter services, primary storage, hosted web service, or virtual server hosting, OIT is able to provide the fundamental core computing services that are central to IT organizations within our state.

Data Analytics

OIT offers professional data services that influence and drive decision making by leveraging your data and data sources to provide efficient, scalable, and holistic services. And OIT will always secure your information with confidentiality, integrity, and availability (CIA Triad Model).


Customer support is one of the most important services OIT can provide. Whatever your specific IT help need might be – from a single localized issue to a widespread service disruption – our professional support services are operationally available continuously and around-the-clock.

IT Professional Services

With OIT’s professional services, you have access to skilled, experienced, and trained specialists to meet your IT demands. We have the ability to fully meet all of your business analysis or project management needs.


OIT establishes policies, standards, guidelines, and procedures for IT departments to abide by, while incorporating the state IT strategy and overall business objectives. OIT governance promotes best practices, lowers risks, aids in improving ROI, affects long term change, and implements statutory requirements of IT projects.


OIT provides logical storage of agency information in modern, state-of-the-art, regulatorily compliant facilities located within the State of Alabama. Access to your information is guaranteed, and it is regularly backed up and can be restored as required.


Our security services offer protections for the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of state technology assets, commensurate with risks to infrastructure, communications, information, and information systems.