Through communication and collaboration, OIT aims to empower stakeholders with innovative services and technologies that reliably deliver highly available, secure, efficient, and cost-effective services for agencies, legislators, and citizens across all levels of Alabama state government.


OIT aspires to provide solutions and services that are standardized, implemented in a timely and high-quality manner, and designed to meet the operational needs of each agency, legislator, and citizen who depend on their services.

Guiding Principles

  • Mature into a trusted advisor and business partner to agencies as they serve the citizens of Alabama
  • Standardize the delivery of networks, security, and enterprise services
  • Provide our customers visibility into their environment by implementing multi-tenant enterprise tools that facilitate delegated administration, compliance reporting, and control monitoring
  • Deliver security monitoring and operational services to all agencies to protect state assets and services while mitigating risk
  • Work within and across the agencies to gather requirements, assist them with meeting their strategic goals, and identify opportunities for shared innovation and improvement
  • Develop consistent cost models for services, streamline the billing process, and clearly define and communicate the value provided for all agency fee-driven services
  • Work toward establishing a Zero Trust architecture for Alabama state government