The OIT duty, as established in Alabama Code, to “establish and administer a structured system for review and approval of new information technology initiatives and projects, including business case, cost benefit analysis, and compatibility analysis,” is expressed in the policies, procedures, and other resources created and maintained by the OIT Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO).


Last ModifiedTitle
4/12/2016Policy 400: IT Project Governance
4/12/2016*Guideline 400G1: IT Project Governance
4/12/2016*Standard 400S1: IT Project Governance Threshold
4/12/2016*Procedure 400P2: IT Project Governance Tailoring Matrix
4/12/2016Policy 410: IT Project Initiation
4/12/2016*Procedure 410P1: IT Project Initiation Phase
4/12/2016*Procedure 410P2: IT Completing a Project Request Form
4/12/2016*Procedure 410P3: Completing a Business Case
4/12/2016*Procedure 410P4: IT Project Sizing
4/12/2016*Procedure 410P5: Waiver Process
10/1/2017*Procedure 410P6: Completing a Project Charter
6/27/2017*Template 410T1: Project Initiation Tool
10/1/2017*Template 410T6: Project Charter Template
7/22/2016*Form 410F3: EPMO Policy Waiver Request
4/12/2016Policy 420: IT Project Planning
4/12/2016*Procedure 420P1: Completing a Moderate Project Management Plan
4/12/2017*Template 420T1: Moderate Project Management Plan
4/12/2017*Procedure 420P2: Completing a Major Project Management Plan
4/12/2017*Template 420T2: Major Project Management Plan
4/12/2017Policy 430: IT Project Execution
4/12/2017*Procedure 430P1: Moderate Project Status Report
4/12/2017*Template 430T1: Moderate Project Status Report
4/12/2017*Procedure 430P2: Major Project Status Report
4/12/2017*Template 430T2: Major Project Status Report
4/12/2017Policy 440: IT Project Closure
4/12/2017*Procedure 440P1: Completing an IT Project Closure Report
4/12/2017*Template 440T1: IT Project Closure Report