On Wednesday, February 15, 2023, the Office of Information Technology (OIT) held a special ceremony to honor a number of employees for their years of service to the State of Alabama. OIT Secretary Marty Redden expressed his gratitude to these individuals for the experience, dedication, and value they bring to the agency before presenting them with Longevity Service Pins ranging from five to twenty-five years of state service.

Those recognized included Gary Hood (5 years), Debbie Jackson (5 years), George Bowen (15 years), Marty Redden (15 years), Daniel Urquhart (20 years), Mike Walz (20 years), Jason Park (20 years), and April Whetstone (25 years). Collectively, this group of OIT team members has 125 years of combined service to the State of Alabama! The expertise and professionalism they demonstrate each and every day enables OIT to better support the agencies that depend on our services to carry out their important missions.