In accordance with the Alabama Administrative Procedure Act (Chapter 22 of Title 41, Code of Alabama 1975), the Office of Information Technology makes available for public inspection written statements of policy adopted or used by the agency, affording all interested persons reasonable opportunity to submit data, views, or arguments respecting the proposed rule.

Comments regarding these rules may be submitted via email to or by calling (334) 242-3800.

Effective DateTitle/Topic
10/15/2021471-x-1-.01: Name and Legal Authority
10/15/2021471-x-1-.02: Purpose and Composition
10/15/2021471-x-1-.03: Powers and Duties
10/15/2021471-x-1-.04: Electronic Records and Signatures
10/15/2021471-x-1-.05: Use of Electronic Records and Signatures by State Agencies
10/15/2021471-x-1-.06: Open Records Requests