Information technology is intended to support agency missions and business needs.  With this goal as a preconception, and in accordance with the authority and duties assigned to OIT by State of Alabama Legislation, the OIT presents policies, standards, and guidelines for the management of state information resources.


Last ModifiedTitle
04/06/2018Policy 101: IT Governance
06/23/2020* Standard 101S1: IT Governance Documents* Standard 101S1: IT Governance Documents
02/04/2019* Guideline 101G1: IT Dictionary
06/23/2020Procedure 101P3-01: IT Policy Exemption Request Process
08/01/2023FORM-IT Policy Exemption Request
01/05/2021Policy 115: Electronic Signature
06/30/2021* Administrative Rule 471-x-1-.04: Electronic Records and Signatures
06/30/2021* Administrative Rule 471-x-1-.05: Use of Electronic Records and Signatures by State Agencies