The Office of Information Technology (OIT) has accumulated records and documents since its creation in May 2013.  This section contains documents, published by the OIT or other sources, as historical records accumulated over the course of the agency’s lifetime.

OIT Annual Reports

4/29/20192018 Annual OIT Report
8/31/20182017 Annual OIT Report
8/31/20172016 Annual OIT Report
6/15/20162015 Annual OIT Report
6/30/20152014 Annual OIT Report
4/12/20142013 Annual OIT Report

OIT Strategic Plans

1/25/2017Alabama IT Strategic Plan Consolidated FY 2017-2020

IT Surveys

8/22/2014Alabama Digital State Survey 2014

NASCIO Documents

10/21/20142014 Best Practices Book
10/21/20142014 State CIO Top 10
10/21/20142014 State CIO Survey


02/01/2015 IT Human Capital Workgroup Report

OIT Presentations

10/19/2016IT Director's Update
7/22/2016Data Classification Study
7/22/2016Cost Benefit Analysis Presentation
6/28/2016ISD-EMM Business Service Launch Presentation
6/28/2016MaaS360 Presentation- State of Alabama
6/24/2016BYOD Governance Presentation
8/6/2014Budget Request for IT Presentation