How to Register

OIT in partnership with SummaSource at Auburn Montgomery Training Solutions unit provides computer training for state employees at reduced prices. Each agency designates a Training Coordinator (TC) to register, cancel, & reschedule classes for their employees. Registration requests that are not submitted by an Agency Training Coordinator will not be approved by OIT and will be sent back to the agency.

State Employees

Request classes by contacting your Agency Training Coordinator (TC). Employees receive email class confirmation from their Training Coordinators, which they should print & bring to class.

Agency Training Coordinator’s (TC) Registration Guidelines, Cancellation & Audit Policies

Register, cancel, & reschedule classes by email to registration@oit.alabama.gov. Simply state employee name(s), class title(s) & date(s). You may list numerous requests in one message. SummaSource Training Solutions should email class confirmation letters to TC within 5 business days. Student & TC should note cancellation deadline date in class confirmation to prevent cancellation penalty charges. TC’s should call or OIT if they do not receive confirmation within 5 business days of emailing request. Registrations requested 48 hours from class date can be submitted, but MUST be followed with a phone. Phone: (334) 244-3080 (Training Solutions) or (334) 242-3599 (OIT).

Cancellations should be emailed by the TC to registration@oit.alabama.gov within 4 business days for desktop classes and 10 business days for technical classes to avoid being charged for the course. The agency will be charged, if cancellation is submitted outside cancellation deadline date. No-shows will be charged 100% of the cost of the class. You may make student substitutions at any time. The employee may “audit” the class anytime within one calendar year of the original registration date. Upon request Summa Source, Training Solutions can mail the class manual to TC or hold it for the employee, when they attend the “audit” class. Employee must bring manual to the audit class.

Summa Source, Training Solutions evaluates enrollments for each class two weeks prior to the class start date. If there are not enough enrollments at that time, the class is in jeopardy of being cancelled. If the class is being taught by a contract instructor, it will most likely be cancelled if there aren’t enough enrollments two weeks prior to class start date. Training Solutions encourages enrolling as early as possible but at least 3 weeks prior to a class start date.

Contract instructors charge Training Solutions a percentage fee for canceling within two weeks of class start date. The policy is established based on the source of the instructor and our obligation to that instructor. Please read the cancellation policy on each confirmation letter as the policy varies.

Applies to students enrolled in a class who did not attend or who did not cancel their enrollment in accordance with the cancellation policy on their email confirmation letter. As a courtesy to our state students, Training Solutions allows “No Show” students the opportunity to re-enroll in a later class. Because of the bookkeeping burden this creates, Training Solutions will honor re-enrolling “No Show” students if the Agency TC contacts Training Solutions within a month of the class they missed. The class does not have to be held within a month of the original date; however, scheduling must be done within one month of the missed class.

Audit Policy

Applies to all students who attend classes at Training Solutions. Students who have attended a Training Solutions Computer class may audit that same class, if an audit seat is available, within one calendar year of the original class date. All requests should be emailed from the employee’s Agency Training Coordinator to registration@oit.alabama.gov with the employee name, class title, original class date(s), and preferred class audit date selected from the training schedule under the “Classes” menu at www.oittraining.alabama.gov. The class titles and application versions must be an exact match. Students should bring their original book to the audit class. Click here to find your Training Coordinator link to directory.

Cancellations / Reschedules

Employees should submit class cancellation or reschedule requests to their Agency Training Coordinator. Click here to find your Training Coordinator.

Training Coordinators should email all cancel or reschedule requests to registration@oit.alabama.gov. Save a soft copy of your email request in case of a billing dispute. If you do not receive a cancellation email confirmation contact Training Solutions at 244-3080 or Matt Holmes at OIT 353-8717.

Cancellations must be made within 5 working days of the course start date for office automation classes and 10 working days for technical classes to avoid being charged for the course. The cancellation deadline date to avoid charges is in the student’s Training Solutions email confirmation. No-shows will be charged 100% of the cost of the class. You may make substitutions at any time.

Click here to find your Training Coordinator