With the passage of Senate Bill 117 in May 2013 (Act 2013-68) and the creation of the position of the Secretary of Information Technology and the Office of Information Technology (OIT), the responsibilities of Information Technology (IT) Governance, to include planning and policy, were transferred from the Information Services Division (ISD), Department of Finance, to OIT.

Until such time that OIT can fully assimilate ISD IT policies, existing ISD IT policies shall be considered enterprise policies promulgated under the authority of OIT. Legacy policies shall remain in effect until they are reissued or rescinded by OIT.


IT Planning, Budgeting and Procurement

Legacy documents in this category have been moved to 200: IT Planning, Budgeting & Procurement


IT Architecture

Legacy documents in this category have been moved to 500: IT Architecture

Legacy documents in these remaining categories have been moved to 600: Security & Privacy

Cybersecurity Management

Access Controls


Physical Security

System / Application Security

Security Administration

Information / Data Management

Disaster Recovery