The documents in this section provide reference architectures and service implementation guidance to support information system deployments.  This includes solution-specific architectures, segmentation architectures, and other reference models that consider specific system, security, and privacy requirements.


04/29/201908/15/2019Policy 510: Security and Privacy Architectures - DRAFT
04/29/201908/15/2019* Standard 510S1: Zone Architecture - DRAFT
04/04/201803/16/2018Policy 540: Email and Directory Services
05/08/201904/01/2019* Standard 540S1: Email Security Configuration - DRAFT
09/17/201809/13/2018Policy 560: Cloud Storage Services
09/17/201809/13/2018* Standard 560S1: Data Loss Prevention for Cloud Services
09/17/201809/13/2018* Standard 560S2: System Security Standards for Office 365
09/17/201809/13/2018* Standard 560S3: End-User Security Standards for Office 365