How do I work with email encryption?

To encrypt a message:

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Click New Email.
  3. In subject line type “[Encrypt]”
    1. This is not case sensitive. The square brackets [ ] surrounding the word [Encrypt] must be utilized in the subject line to trigger encryption. NOTE: If [Encrypt] is not in subject line email encryption will NOT be enabled. Once [Encrypt] is typed the subject line, finish typing subject of email.

Complete typing message as normal and click send.

To open an encrypted message:

The message will be delivered to the recipient’s email as normal. If the recipient uses a Microsoft Outlook application, then they can use the “Sign in” option and login with their credentials (username/password) to view the email. For non-Microsoft accounts, the user can use the “One-Time Passcode” option. Gmail recipients can use “Sign in with Google” or “Sign in with a one-time passcode” option.

To open an encrypted message on a mobile device:

The procedures for opening encrypted messages on a mobile device are same as stated for desktop systems.

Further information on viewing encrypted message can be obtained by clicking on links below

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