How do I set up my desk phone to forward to my mobile phone? 

Cisco call forwarding will allow calls to your desk phone to be ported to a secondary number or mobile phone.  Note that calls which are forwarded will not ring on the desk phone.

  1. Log in to VPN or access the below steps from your device on the State network
  2. Go to
  3. Log in with your State credentials if requested
  4. You should see your desk phone and number
  5. Click on Call Forwarding on the left
  6. Check the box that says “Forward all calls to:”
  7. Enter the number 9 first, to indicate out of state VoIP network call and then alternate number (mobile, home, etc.) without any dashes. (Example: 95551234 for phone number 555-1234)  *NOTE: If your alternate number is outside the local area code of your desk phone you must enter 9 for out of VoIP network, then 1 for long distance, then your full 10-digit number with area code and no dashes. EX. 912055551234 (for phone number 205-555-1234)