How do I access Laserfiche?

Note:  All access to the development zone Laserfiche servers is within the network and will require VPN access.  Webbased Laserfiche Forms and Laserfiche Web Access do not require the VPN. 

Laserfiche FormsLog in at This allows you to log in and access all of your published form processes, tasks, and reports. Read More  

Laserfiche Web AccessLog in to This can be configured for individual repositories upon request.  It allows full repository access and management for authenticated users.  Laserfiche Web Access allows for full access to a Laserfiche repository, including capture/scanning and all applicable document annotation and workflow features.  Laserfiche Web Access is full web enablement for the Laserfiche system. Laserfiche Web Access gives users all of the system’s functionality, including scanning/capture, over any web browser.   Read More 

 **NOTE – Some agencies have their data repositories already available for online access.  Others do not.  OIT can assist in this process if your data is not available.  Agencies in the OIT tenant can request OIT publish the content.  Agencies in their own tenant can publish themselves or can request OIT assistance to help them publish.   

Contact the Office of Information Technology at or 334-242-2222 for assistance