Richard Fiore

Richard Fiore is the Chief Collaboration Officer for the Office of Information Technology, responsible for identifying opportunities for inter-agency collaboration and finding financial and other resources to make the collaboration possible.

Richard Fiore has over 20 years of experience in the private and public sectors in a variety of disciplines and leadership roles, including working for or with the various branches and domains of Alabama government as well as with federal and local agencies and partners. His focus remains on creating efficiencies in government through collaboration and information-driven programs and systems.

Mr. Fiore’s public sector experience includes management and analytical responsibilities at several State of Alabama agencies and includes working with local, state and federal programs and information systems across many domains ranging from Human Services to Juvenile Justice, Higher Education, the Courts and Homeland Security.

Mr. Fiore’s work in the private sector includes contract negotiation and management, systems and software development and analysis, configuration management, business development, election ballot security and analysis, data migration and project management.

Richard and his wife Lisa have made their home in Montgomery since 1998 after moving here from South Carolina. They have been blessed with three children.