Created in December 2013, the CIO Advisory Council is comprised of senior IT managers from various agencies that represent a broad view of the state’s IT needs and supporting agency services.


Allen, RyanOffice of Information Technology
Crews, ScottAlabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board
Fields, WillieDepartment of Corrections
Fiore, RichardOffice of Information Technology
Hargrove, JebAlabama Emergency Management Agency
Hornsby, DebbieDepartment of Revenue
Huggins, VanOffice of Information Technology
Martel, DomDepartment of Education
McQueen, JeremyOffice of Information Technology
Patterson, ReginaDepartment of Public Health
Pendergast, JeannineDepartment of Labor
Rainey, DavidDepartment of Rehabilitation Services
Ramsey, MitchDepartment of Environmental Management
Redden, MartyDepartment of Finance, SBS
Stokes, MichaelDepartment of Transportation
Tanaka, MasonAlabama Medicaid Agency
Townsend, LisaDepartment of Human Resources
Urquhart, DanielAlabama Law Enforcement Agency
Weaver, ClayOffice of Information Technology
Woika, BrianOffice of Information Technology