Standard 660S1: User Rules of Behavior has been revised (to version 02). Changes include:.

  • Removed software licensing and use content (that subject is addressed in Policy 330: Software Use).
  • Requirement 3.4 changed to block external instant message (IM) file transfers only.
  • Edited section 4 for modernization and consistent use of terms.
  • Renumbered remaining sections (4.2 to end of requirements).
  • Modified supporting documents list and made other formatting changes.
  • Added Section 7: Streaming Media. These requirements address Microsoft Stream and other streaming media sites/services.
  • Added Section 8: Device Protection. These requirements address device physical safeguards, lost devices, and travel tips. Most of these requirements were previously published in legacy Standard 662S2: Client Systems Security


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DRAFT Standard 660S1-02: User Rules of Behavior