OIT is on a fast track to stabilize our asset and configuration management programs.  Service Asset and Configuration Management (SACM) utilizes industry best practices to control hardware and software assets throughout the life-cycle.  Let’s peel back “Asset” vs. “Configuration Management”.  Typically, asset management is focused on procurement, cost, depreciation and disposal.  Asset management also integrates service status, maintenance contracts, audits and licensing.  For the same object, configuration management is focused on technical specifications, operating conditions and the logical relationships between other configuration items (CIs) within the IT infrastructure.

Challenging to most IT organizations is maintaining accurate records on IT objects from both perspectives.  While the business group is primarily interested in financial value and depreciation of assets, the operations group is focused on performance and the operational condition of the same object.  SACM principles direct organizations toward keeping asset and configuration records in-sync.  OIT intends to maximize the capabilities of our IT Service Management (ITSM) application (ServiceNow) to achieve record synchronization.  We are well on the way toward reaching a single record source for our IT assets and configuration items.  OIT is laser focused on fusing asset and configuration records to improve service delivery, incident and problem resolution, while delivering high-quality service request.

Prepared by Tony Daniel, Director Service Design and Transition