The Office of Information Technology (OIT) is excited to update the status of our statewide Voice over IP (VoIP) implementation project. The project consists of a network infrastructure upgrade, new VoIP phones, video, and collaboration software that will improve communication throughout Alabama state government.

Phase I of the project is well underway, with OIT installing nearly 650 phones to 10 state agencies on the Montgomery campus to date. Phase II of the project will deliver VoIP to the rest of the state. In addition, OIT is working diligently to upgrade the Local Area Network (LAN). We are happy to report the new network is nearly two-thirds complete and provides an eight-fold increase in network speeds.

These upgrades are a necessary tool for a modern Alabama to run smoothly and efficiently, because despite huge advancements in technology, thousands of state workers continue to use 30-year-old voice communication technology as they work hard for the citizens of Alabama.

The phones are just part of the effort – the entire project is part of a “Unified Communications” system in which each person has a combined set of communication tools that will bring workers into the modern age. Not only will there be the standard of voice calls and email, but also powerful new video conferencing and team collaboration platforms. Workers will be able to easily work from remote sites, access voicemail via email, transfer calls while in progress to mobile devices, and much more.

Once both project phases are complete and project implementation costs are recovered, the State is estimated to save over $10 million annually. In addition to those savings, the VoIP project will remove the risks associated with outdated technologies and offer Alabama government offices a new level of security with fully encrypted voice calls.

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