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ServiceNow Customer Portal Brings Transparency and Collaboration to Our Customers

The Office of Information Technology is pleased to announce the ServiceNow Customer Portal will be available to all agencies by May 2018. The new customer portal will increase transparency to OIT’s support processes and foster a more collaborative customer experience. Each agency currently designates their representatives who may request services from OIT, including what types of requests each representative is allowed to make. These Authorized Contacts will gain access to portal features, which include:

Create Incident – used to report that something that already exists is broken or not working as designed.

Create Request – used to initiate a request for a new business service or general service requests.

Examples: password resets, change types of requests Authorized Contacts are allowed to make, Event WiFi, etc.

Currently, the ‘Service – Other’ catalog item is the generic/default item used for most requests, as only a few specific catalog items have been developed. As additional specific catalog items are released, the specific catalog item should be selected instead of the ‘Service – Other’ catalog item to expedite fulfillment of your request.

Catalog items are role-based so, Authorized Contacts can only see the catalog items they are authorized to request on behalf of your agency. For example, if the requester is not identified as a ‘WiFi Sponsor’, the Event WiFi catalog item will not be visible to him/her.

All catalog items are visible to anyone designated as a Director or IT Manager.

Knowledge Base – displays knowledge articles, by category, on a variety of issues with suggested steps that may help resolve the issue.

The Knowledge Base will also include “how to” videos, such as:

  • Portal Navigation and Overview
  • When to Submit an Incident vs. When to Submit a Request
  • Exporting Incident and Request ticket lists

My Agency’s Tickets – Lists tickets opened by anyone in your organization.

  • Left side of page lists open incidents, requests and change requests
  • Right side of page lists closed incidents, requests and change requests
  • Each list is expandable by clicking ‘View all’ to show more details for the selected type of tickets
  • lists can be sorted by any column by clicking the column header
  • lists can be exported to PDF, Excel or CSV

My Tickets – Lists tickets opened by you. Otherwise, it works the same as My Agency’s Tickets, described above.

My Approvals – Lists any pending approval actions required of the logged in user.

Currently, when an OIT technician closes a task, an approval email is sent to the customer (listed as the Caller on the ticket). The customer can approve or reject the provided resolution directly from the email. With the portal, the customer can also approve/reject from the My Approvals section.

For a full overview on the ServiceNow Customer Portal, please see the video below: