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Cost Allocation

Since OIT acquired Finance’s Information Services Division in February 2017 (completed change over in October 2017) organizational changes have been made. One of the most essential and fundamental change has been to the services OIT offers to our clients.
The OIT leadership along with the Enterprise Project Management Office participated in a week-long collaboration meeting to determine and define the services our organization offers. Within these ten services are a multitude of processes and products offered to fulfill the requested service.
The ten services offered are:

1. Access

The OIT offers users linking, security, ability to access state resources, user’s profiles, contact info, and privileges (credentials). OIT offers self-service availability for users, i.e. password reset for login credentials.

2. Business Process Automation

Strategic development procedures targeted at discovering the agency functions or employee abilities that could be increased to inspire streamlined methodologies, analyze and improve processes to meet metrics, and integrate workflows.

3. Communication

The OIT offers a complete set of tools for users to communicate with one another.

4. Core Computing

The primary tasks needed to ensure routine services are continually provided. These fundamental services at the OIT are those services that are central to IT organizations within Alabama state government. This service provides fundamental services, the power plant that drives the services the OIT offers, and the central provider of commoditization of services.

5. Data Analytics

The OIT is in the business of providing professional data services that influence and drive decision making. The OIT is not the owner of all the data but provides data services that are efficient, scalable, holistic, and secures the information (confidentiality, integrity and availability – CIA).

6. Governance

IT Governance is a vital management structure that establishes policies, standards, guidelines, and procedures for IT departments to abide by, while incorporating the state IT strategy and overall business objectives. OIT governance promotes best practices, lowers risks, aids in improving ROI, affects long term change, and implements statutory requirements of IT projects.

7. IT Professional Services

The OIT offers access to skilled, experienced, and trained IT specialists to fulfill IT demands.

8. Security

Protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of state technology assets, commensurate with the risks (infrastructure, communications, information, and information systems).

9. Storage

The OIT provides logical storage of agency information in modern, state-of-the-art facilities, that follow regulatory and compliance guidelines insuring CIA, with guaranteed Alabama physical storage locations. Access to information is reliable and is regularly backed up and can be restored as required.

10. Support

The goal of the OIT Support Center is to get the customer back into production mode as soon as possible. The OIT Support Service Center offers single point-of-contact help with IT related services that are assured to be channeled through to the most appropriate OIT work group(s), understood, diagnosed, and resolved. The Support Center is available around the clock with 24/7 access. To accelerate response times, requests for assistance with an issue or modification to current services can be initiated directly to the Help Desk. Clients can monitor the status of existing Requests and Incidents via the online ticketing application, ServiceNow.

The newly identified and defined services and processes have been incorporated into an updated OIT Service Catalog. The catalog contains the services, processes, and products offered with updated rates and a clear and concise, user friendly format. See the new catalog sample below:

The Cost Allocation Project is currently in Execution. Upcoming project milestones are as follows:

Received Updated Chart of Accounts Codes and OIT Activity Codes: October 31, 2017

Service/Process Cost and Price Calculation: December 8, 2017

Service/ Process Costs Allocated to OIT Units: December 8, 2017

Draft OIT Service Catalog including updated rates: Due December 8, 2017

Draft OIT Service Catalog vetted by OIT Leadership: Due December 15, 2017

OIT Service Catalog published on OIT Website: Due December 15, 2017

The ordering process for OIT customers will remain the same. Prices will be available by quote for the scalable items. The knowledgeable and professional OIT staff are ready to serve you, call #334-242-2222 to request services.

And remember, “Quality is our Standard.”