Proofpoint Security Gateway Increases Email Security

The Office of Information Technology, Systems Administration team successfully implemented Proofpoint Enterprise Security Gateway that replaced McAfee Email Security Gateway used for OIT’s email service customers for the past several years. The cut-over took place the week of October 23, 2017.

The need to replace McAfee Gateway arose as the licenses were scheduled to expire October 31, 2017. The OIT’s management took this opportunity to review alternative solutions for email protection, and Proofpoint was chosen based on the following criteria, competitive pricing, inbound email scanning, SPAM filtering and reporting, which seamlessly replaced the functions of McAfee. Proofpoint offers an additional security measure of scanning outbound email, as well.

OIT is here to serve our customers in a professional and timely manner, if you need additional information regarding Proofpoint implementation, please contact our Service Desk 334-242-2222.