Rock Star Sighting in the OIT Web Development Team

During the summer of 2017, Ms. Doryan Carlton of the Executive Budget Office was seeking to redesign their existing website to provide visitors with a fresh and modern user experience. They also wanted the capability to easily manage their own content so they could keep the site current and its information accurate. Shortly after Ms. Carlton contacted OIT’s Desktop Services, the OIT web development team received the request and quickly scheduled a meeting to gather the necessary requirements. On September 25th, the newly designed EBO Website, , went live.

After the launch, Ms. Carlton offered feedback stating, “These guys are total rock stars!” She added, “we could not be more pleased with the service we received” and “I’ve already been bragging about them to my contacts in other agencies”. When asked about the value that OIT’s web team offered, she replied they “exceeded our expectations”.

OIT web team members Terry Allison, Brannon Evans, and Mike Walz all “rocked” their way through the entire redesign effort, working with Ms. Carlton to define requirements and design mockups that showed her just how the site would look and function. The team also worked directly with OIT security and system administration staff to identify and resolve any potential security vulnerabilities. All team members were engaged on the product from the first requirements meeting through the launch date and remain prepared to provide any level of ongoing support required.

As they say in the website business… “Rock On!”


Contributed by Clay Weaver, OIT Chief Solutions Officer