New “State Email and Directory Services” OIT Policy

There is a new policy on the (new) OIT website: OIT Policy 540: State Email and Directory Services. This new OIT policy updates and replaces two of the ISD legacy policies: Policy 540: E-mail Communications and Policy 545: Electronic Collaboration.

This policy established OIT responsibility to maintain and administer the State’s primary, centralized email system, establish policies and standards to ensure the security of the State email system, to manage a central user directory repository, and establish standards to ensure directory service interoperability between State agencies.

While some agencies manage their own email systems, the creation of a centralized directory will allow lookup and verification of the email address of any State employee.

A less obvious change may be the format of the word “email” (as opposed to the hyphenated form e-mail). While this format change is still debated by some writers, the AP (Associated Press) Stylebook made this change several years ago. The AP Stylebook is a writing and editing reference for newsrooms, classrooms and corporate offices worldwide (ISBN: 978-0-917360-66-4).

Click here to view Policy 540


Contributed by: Joel Cook, Acting CISO – Office of Information Technology