State of Alabama joins Montgomery Internet Exchange

The State of Alabama Office of Information Technology (OIT) began upgrading network services to its core network earlier this summer. While increasing internet bandwidth, the State also joined the Montgomery Internet Exchange (MGMix). Being a member of an Internet Exchange (IX) allows the OIT network to pass network traffic directly to another Exchange member via a process called Peering.

Peering enables network traffic destined for another network to be exchanged at the IX and never traverse the connection out to the internet. By participating in the IX, the State can reduce latency by exchanging traffic with other members like Akamai.

Akamai, the largest global content delivery network, provides caching servers at the Montgomery IX. This means that webpages like ESPN, Adobe, IBM and thousands of others will have a quicker response time, not use bandwidth on the internet circuit, and allow the State to use many of Akamai’s future security features.

This is an exciting opportunity for the State to participate in a new Alabama technology that was only available in three other locations in the Southeast. As membership in MGMix grows there will be opportunities to obtain network resources locally that have not been available in the past. OIT is working hard to upgrade the network experience for all our customers. This is one example of being proactive as we work to provide a better all-around experience for our customers.


Contributed by: Ben Venable, Director of Network Engineering