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Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is a process that allows an organization or teams to find the origin of a critical problem.  The primary reason to conduct RCA is to improve services, reduce risk and hopefully prevent the problem from recurring.  RCA is a systematic approach to research problems and present solutions.  It is a very important IT service management (ITSM) function.  For example, anytime the organization experiences a statewide outage, RCA must be a required after-action.

Specific steps associated with RCA would involve, determine “what”, “why” and how to reduce the likelihood of a problem happening again.  Causes of RCA fall into three categories:  Physical (material failure), Human (people/person made a mistake), Organizational (system, policy or procedures are faulty).  The five identifiable steps are: “Define the Problem”, “Collect Data”, “Identify Possible Casual Factors”, “Identify the Root Cause(s)”, and “Recommend and Implement Solutions”. 

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) embraces concepts that will enhance our service to our client.  A high-quality RCA practice helps increase reliability and improve customer confidence.


Contributed by:  Tony Daniel, Director of Change Management