How Does the EPMO Help State Agencies?

State agency IT projects are often a significant investment—both in terms of cost and the use of agency resources. When a project succeeds, the agency, its service consumers, and taxpayers all benefit.

While the functions of the OIT EPMO are quite broad, our primary mission is straightforward—to ensure the highest probability of success for state agency IT projects. This requires a set of standards and best practices that have shown proven results in the past. The IT Project Governance Framework is a set of templates, guidelines, and procedures that agency project managers (PMs) can use to positively influence their project’s probability of success. To build the Framework, a group of PM professionals representing multiple state agencies researched and examined industry best practices for executing and managing IT projects. Following the Framework, agencies can expect decreased cost, reduced time, and effective resource utilization—all combining to achieve a highly successful project outcome.

The EPMO has expanded over time and is now operating at full speed. We are continuing with our efforts to establish working relationships with state agencies and hope to accelerate that in the coming months. Our initial objective is to orient agencies to the services provided by the EPMO and train agency PMs on the State’s Enterprise Portfolio Management System (EPMS). Our ongoing mission is to provide project management, portfolio management, and governance services to agency IT projects. As we continue with our outreach efforts, agencies that are actively engaged in IT projects are encouraged to contact me at the EPMO for information about these services. My staff and I look forward to working with your agency.


Contributed by:
Rita L. Allen
Director, EPMO
Folsom Bldg., Ste. 785
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