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Collaboration brings better choices and reduced costs for IT Training

It takes a lot of collaboration among State Agency IT Directors, OIT, AUM and their partner-instructors, to schedule highly technical classes for our state IT professionals. Specialized classes are often scheduled on-demand and require sufficient enrollments to run the class. Many agencies need more than one employee to attend the same class-date but can’t afford to have them out-of-the office, at the same time, for 5-days.


How we are helping you solve the issue of multiple workers out-of-the office at the same time….

 by restructuring SQL Server Developers classes.


Dunn Training & Consulting Inc, an AUM Training Partner, has undergone a revamp and structure with each class. Some 5-day classes have been changed to two 3-day class sessions to address:

  • Overload of material by breaking-down each class in two sessions: Part 1 & Part 2 scheduled about 3 weeks apart.
  • Addresses client-flexibility needs through customizable materials.
  • Ability to schedule more than one employee out of the office for 3 days – rather than 5.
  • Separation of class dates allows student to absorb and apply new learning before Part 2.


Special Offers that Save Agencies $$$

AUM is offering, for some courses, a new volume pricing structure – the more students that attend the class per agency, the price per student lowers. A recent example is C# Intro & C# Intermediate courses taught by AUM’s Educational partner, Themis Inc, onsite at the Department of Transportation Computer Center

Seven agencies have enrolled in a Mark Dunn Associates 2016 SQL Server for Developers class offering of 2 enrollments for the price of one – a $16,457 price savings to the participating agencies.



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On September 11th, Steve Chamber retired from AUM as the IT Training Manager. Linda Wright, Associate Director will oversee the IT Training Program along with Kimberly Smith as the Program Coordinator. Kimberly will be the liaison and point of contact for IT Training for the state.


Kimberly D. Smith, Program Coordinator

Linda M. Wright
Associate Director, Outreach


Contributed by Deborah Hall, OIT Training & AUM IT Training Partner