Rock Star Sighting in the OIT Web Development Team
During the summer of 2017, Ms. Doryan Carlton of the Executive Budget Office was seeking to redesign their existing website Read more.
Where Did the Policies Go?
If you were accustomed to looking up ISD IT and Security policies on the cybersecurity website (, you will no Read more.
New “State Email and Directory Services” OIT Policy
There is a new policy on the (new) OIT website: OIT Policy 540: State Email and Directory Services. This new Read more.
How Can I Tell if an Email Is Spam & How to Refresh Your Browser?
How Can I Tell if an Email Is Spam? Some spam is obvious (“I lost 30 pounds and made $24356 Read more.
Welcome to OIT
On behalf of the Office of Information Technology (OIT), I would like to welcome you to OIT’s website. This site Read more.
Take a Look at OIT Application Development
The OIT Office of Application Development supports agencies that require assistance for the design, development and maintenance of websites, client-server Read more.
Collaboration brings better choices and reduced costs for IT Training
It takes a lot of collaboration among State Agency IT Directors, OIT, AUM and their partner-instructors, to schedule highly technical Read more.
VoIP Statewide Project Update
We are pleased to announce the launch of our statewide Voice over IP (VoIP) implementation project. Upon completion, the VoIP Read more.
OIT EPMO Background
  The OIT EPMO began in 2016 as the shared vision of former OIT Secretary Dr. Joanne Hale and the Read more.
How Does the EPMO Help State Agencies?
State agency IT projects are often a significant investment—both in terms of cost and the use of agency resources. When Read more.
Everbridge Communication Expanding to Agencies
OIT realizes the importance of notifying all agencies of critical incidents quickly and efficiently. We’re committed to this and are Read more.
Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is a process that allows an organization or teams to find the origin of a critical Read more.