OIT EPMO Background

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  The OIT EPMO began in 2016 as the shared vision of former OIT Secretary Dr. Joanne Hale and the first EPMO Director, David Latham (now retired). The office was expanded in January 2017 to a cross-functional team of six Project Management (PM) and two Business Analyst (BA) professionals. Each staffing decision was carefully considered […]

How Does the EPMO Help State Agencies?

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State agency IT projects are often a significant investment—both in terms of cost and the use of agency resources. When a project succeeds, the agency, its service consumers, and taxpayers all benefit. While the functions of the OIT EPMO are quite broad, our primary mission is straightforward—to ensure the highest probability of success for state […]

Everbridge Communication Expanding to Agencies

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OIT realizes the importance of notifying all agencies of critical incidents quickly and efficiently. We’re committed to this and are pleased to announce that we’re now in the process of implementing a statewide mass notification system. Over the past year, OIT has been using the Everbridge® Mass Notification solution for time-sensitive internal communications and to engage […]

Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

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Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is a process that allows an organization or teams to find the origin of a critical problem.  The primary reason to conduct RCA is to improve services, reduce risk and hopefully prevent the problem from recurring.  RCA is a systematic approach to research problems and present solutions.  It is a very […]

State of Alabama joins Montgomery Internet Exchange

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The State of Alabama Office of Information Technology (OIT) began upgrading network services to its core network earlier this summer. While increasing internet bandwidth, the State also joined the Montgomery Internet Exchange (MGMix). Being a member of an Internet Exchange (IX) allows the OIT network to pass network traffic directly to another Exchange member via […]

RFP: Mainframe Outsourcing

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Description:  This Request for Proposal (RFP) is for the Office of Information Technology (OIT) (formerly the Information Services Division of Finance) to establish a contract with a Service Provider that will provide OIT Mainframe Outsourcing.  OIT is responsible for providing technology services and solutions to various agencies of the State of Alabama.  OIT’s mainframe infrastructure […]